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Drawings from my sketchbook while I was away on TDY for a week. I plan on coloring the inked drawing with bright colored pencils. :3

Giveaway Winners!

Finally got internet back, so I was able to run the random number counter and post the results. I unfortunately had to skip over a good 5 or so people who’d “won” but were no longer following me. :( 

The first winner is mako-mako-and-me, and the second is zychel! 

I’ll send you both messages so you’re aware of winning, and I’ll talk to you about what you’d like drawn. Thanks for participating! :)

500 Giveaway

Hey everyone, sorry for the delay in announcing the winning results. However, due to unforeseen events on my part, I’m going to have to delay those results for a day or two more. Mainly because my internet doesn’t work on my main computer and I’m having to use my phone right now…. So until that is fixed, I won’t be able to reveal the winners. :(

I promise I’ll have them announced as soon as possible! Thank you for your patience.

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Questions for Self Improvement

Hey guys, I wanna try and challenge myself and I was wondering if my followers could help me out- or hey, at least amuse me with this?

I was wondering if you guys could take a step back and take a look at my work as a whole, and then let me know what you’d like to see differently from me. I wanna improve in everything I do- but I wanna try and knock down some walls I might have put up around myself without actually realizing it, and I think you guys could maybe help me with that. And I ask for your help, because I’m constantly caught up in my own work schedule day in and out, and I sometimes fail to really grasp on what I could be improving on daily. 

What’s there that you might see that I don’t? Should I try different expressions? Should I try doing small comic strips? Should I be more sketchy or try a more cartoonish approach to help with that? Should I keep up with these color challenges or should I put a twist on them? Should I specifically try just lineart instead of painting digital? I’d like to just try and challenge myself with something new. Any creative/new ideas?

A dump of sketches and doodles from this past few weeks. Trying to understand and learn the human figure, so I’ve been trying to sketch bodies as warmups before doing actual coloring/drawing. Hopefully it’ll start to help me understand the shape of human bodies. 

sinceredir wondered,
Prowl in #8 please :3


I’d like to think that Prowl kinda hates himself for killing half the crew stowing Overlord on the Lost Light. Sorry it’s so sketchy. :\


I er….decided to make my own cuz I dont like the color palette that’s been going around on tumblr (sorry i’m very picky w/colors) O-(—<

Send me a character & # and hopefully I’ll try to pick yours…if not then gomen, tomos (cuz lmao I’m also doing these on twitter too)

New color palettes. Come at me my bros.

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I’ve been kind of in a slump today.. idk. Weird sketch of KO and an attempt to merge his face with a flower, lol. Also tried fleshing out a female TF OC I’ve had running around in my head. Her story is still being made, and she doesn’t really have a name yet. Though her alt mode will be an F-16, because I work so closely with that jet everyday, and because I haven’t really seen many OC’s with that alt mode. I plan on making her a non-allied OC- one of the few that left Cybertron while they still could before the war got even more heated.

Giveaway time!

I hit 500 followers during the middle of last week, and so I decided it was time to do my first art giveaway for you lovely people. :)

The rules are simple!

- You must be a follower to win.

- Reblog this post to enter (you may reblog as many times as you like to increase your chances of winning). 

- Likes count as well. 

** Please only do this on one of your blogs if you have multiple (as a way to keep it fair). **

- There will be two winners.

- Art prizes may be NSFW if the winner so wishes.

The Prizes

1st Place - Fully colored, full body drawing of any character you want with a background. Also includes a sketch of any character you want (which will be traditionally drawn, so if you’d like it mailed to you, please let me know). 

2nd Place - Fully colored (but more simplified), bust shot (not full body), and no background. Also includes a sketch of any character you want.

Examples of Colored/Sketches:

More examples can be seen on either my tumblr/deviantart.


If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to send me an ask! Good luck!

Some sketches from my sketchbook. Robots and creatures/monsters. :) Taken with my cellphone, so sorry for bad images. :c