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MTMTE Card Deck

I dunno if anyone’s ever done it. But you know how people will take OCs or characters from whatever/video games to make them into a deck of cards (I had a friend who’d made a deck of cards inspired by Fallout: Las Vegas)? I really want a Transformers themed one. But not just any TFs, I want a More Than Meets The Eye themed deck. 

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I just ordered my first batch of my own business cards with my art on them. ouo

I began to work at this a little more today and went in a direction I kinda liked. Mind you I started to get inspired by some art nouveau, and wanted to see if I could try my hand at it.

I’d asked for advice on my last post but all I got was a lot of people enjoying/liking the ideas I’d thrown out there. xD So about about you guys give me more of your thoughts on this so far? I was wanting to include Rewind in this but didn’t know what to do- so I thought of his last moments with Chromedome, and remembered the scene of him getting locked-in with Overlord. So I was thinking of drawing that scene of him looking out of the window, which is what the large circle is for. I have two different colors shown because I tried the redish hue from the comics, but I felt like it was a bit eye-bleeding. So I tried blue and it gives it almost a calmer feel. Which do you guys prefer/feel works better? I’d include Rewind either looking through the window very dramatically, or maybe possibly have a fond memory of Chromedome’s of Rewind playing out in it. I dunno- this is why I need your opinions guys! :) I was thinking of throwing Overlord in it at the top, but decided that it’d be a little too much. Still going to add things here and there since it’s supposed to be art nouveau- so feel free to suggest. 

What do you guys think so far?

So I had the sudden inspiration to do an image of Chromedome, and I’ve had an idea rolling around in my head for him for a while now… The only thing is I’m not really happy with the lines/composition just yet. I was wanting to include Rewind/some of the Lost Light crew in it, but I don’t know how. I was thinking either maybe as small memories/visions floating around him or something. Maybe incorporating the idea that his memories that aren’t his own haunt him constantly and he’s fighting an internal battle of identity. Especially since he’s constantly altered his own in the past..

I wanted this to be an image that reflected the hardships that Chromedome has had to endure through the millions of years that he has lived, and I wanted it to be dark- reflecting upon his depression as a character. Maybe have “blood” on his hands symbolizing the idea that Rewind’s death is his doing and the idea haunts him. I dunno. Maybe a little help here with this one? I wanna make this into a poster when it’s finished. :)

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Ultra Magnus in seven? <3

Surprise surprise, the sketch I was working on was for this request. :P I tried my best with the color combo and bent the rules a little.

Larger image here.

Some more drawings/sketches from my other sketchbook that I drew when I went TDY to Portugal.

Work sent me home early! :D hopefully they won’t need me to come in tomorrow. In the meantime, a preview of some more doodles I’ve been working on in my sketchbook. Have an Ultra Magnus!

I might start posting more sketches from my books more often because I realize I’ve posted more of only my digital works. I’ll add some more traditional on my blog.

Sketching today since I got called in to work this weekend. :/ so I brought my sketchbook with me and I’m trying to do studies of all the wonderful mtmte characters. We’ll see how far I get and if any turn out nice enough to post on Monday. :P

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soundwave 15 :3 <333

Thanks for requesting!

Larger image here. (it’s kinda messy..)

Calling All Artists in Italy…

Hello! This is a call out to all artists in Italy (or near said country) who might be interested in participating in a Comic Convention in Aviano, Italy. It’ll be taking place on the 11th of October, 2014. You will be able to have a booth, possibly sell a few of your items, and run a workshop or two if you’re interested in that sort of thing. If you’re not an artist, but a vendor who would like to participate, you can! It’ll be a Comic Convention located on the Aviano Air Force Base (and unfortunately, running for only one day). We’re working on trying to get popular comic artists that are situated in Italy to set up booths as well, but having anyone who might be interested in participating is welcome.

If you’re interested, please check out our Facebook page here.

If you have any questions, send them to me via fanmail, or friend the FB page and send them through that. Thanks for reading! And hope to see you here possibly. :)