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Some more drawings/sketches from my other sketchbook that I drew when I went TDY to Portugal.

Work sent me home early! :D hopefully they won’t need me to come in tomorrow. In the meantime, a preview of some more doodles I’ve been working on in my sketchbook. Have an Ultra Magnus!

I might start posting more sketches from my books more often because I realize I’ve posted more of only my digital works. I’ll add some more traditional on my blog.

Sketching today since I got called in to work this weekend. :/ so I brought my sketchbook with me and I’m trying to do studies of all the wonderful mtmte characters. We’ll see how far I get and if any turn out nice enough to post on Monday. :P

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soundwave 15 :3 <333

Thanks for requesting!

Larger image here. (it’s kinda messy..)

Calling All Artists in Italy…

Hello! This is a call out to all artists in Italy (or near said country) who might be interested in participating in a Comic Convention in Aviano, Italy. It’ll be taking place on the 11th of October, 2014. You will be able to have a booth, possibly sell a few of your items, and run a workshop or two if you’re interested in that sort of thing. If you’re not an artist, but a vendor who would like to participate, you can! It’ll be a Comic Convention located on the Aviano Air Force Base (and unfortunately, running for only one day). We’re working on trying to get popular comic artists that are situated in Italy to set up booths as well, but having anyone who might be interested in participating is welcome.

If you’re interested, please check out our Facebook page here.

If you have any questions, send them to me via fanmail, or friend the FB page and send them through that. Thanks for reading! And hope to see you here possibly. :)

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Overlord in 8, please? <3


Larger image here <3

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A Sunstreaker in 15 please? :3

I tried to base him off of AHM’s version of a sad sunny. I hope you like it. :)

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Springer in 01, please? ♥

First time drawing him! ouo
I enjoyed the color combos of numbero 1. Thanks!


I usually don’t do these because I suck, but I really need to practice everything related to colors, (so that one day, I suck less). I think this could be a fun way to practice, so if one or two of you want me to draw someone, ask away :3 (If you do send a character, please try to make it a TF-character, this is a Transformersblog after all).

I’d love to try this and see what I can come up with! This will be in effect for the next few months. :D Send me your numbahs and charactahs!

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Help Me… by Dzorek

I was super inspired by the new movie and from my Transformers video game. So I had to do something with the inspiration! I drew Drift from the IDW comics from the newest, More than Meets the Eye series. Super heart-wrenching part of the comic where Drift becomes infected with a lethal sickness. Used watercolors for this!