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Since it’s the beginning of a new year, I thought I’d put one of these things together to see how far I’ve improved with my art. Specifically my Transformers art. I put this together to also show you all how much practicing really does make a difference. I’m really embarrassed to show some of this older stuff of mine, because it’s really, really bad. xD; But I dragged it up from my old account and have brought it all back into the light.

The first one shows my older stuff- this was really when I first got my tablet and began to use it. It was also the first time I actually tried drawing Transformers as well. Obviously I wasn’t very good at it… But 2009 was also the year I began trying to work better with coloring images. Not only coloring my own artwork, but also other people’s (i.e. the Optimus Prime was someone’s lineart, and I added my own colors). In 2010/2011, I was still more interested in drawing on paper, but I was also beginning to get more comfortable with using my tablet. I didn’t draw any TFs during the two years, but I DID color lots of other people’s. I think this was where I began to get my own sense of style when it came to coloring (if that’s even possible?). All thanks to the wonderful Bass-bot, I think. Because without them, I don’t think I would have ever have gotten the courage to try drawing TFs again. xD Their lines were inspiring for me!

Then, of course, I surprised even myself with my artwork in 2012. I’m really happy with my improvement, and I really have to give a big thanks to everyone who supported me with my goal of “getting better at drawing Transformers.” I really could not have asked for more. Thank you, guys… I really mean it. Encouraging an artist really does go a long way. It really, really does.

For 2013, I can only hope I can continue with drawing as much as I did in 2012. I do think I want to try and bring my focus to drawing better humans/animals. Transformers are fun, but I don’t want that to be my only skill… (:

Happy New Years, and I hope everyone had a good 2012!

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